Frequently asked questions

Text Options and Custom Text

Please view my text options here. You can choose Hebrew or English text, or combine the two. Check with your Rabbi/Officiate and see if they have a preferred text. The text can be personalized with your names and date ect added in the text for you for an additional cost of $75. If you want this option, please fill out this form upon purchase. (Confused? Your Rabbi can help.) If you want to make other changes to one of the texts I have it will incur a charge of $50. If you have a custom text you would like to use, please send me a pdf or text file that can copied and I can reformat it for $50. If it needs to be retyped from a picture it will be $75.

Can I see how my chosen text will look with the artwork?

Yes! After purchasing, I will send you a digital proof to approve before printing. It is highly recommended to verify the proof with your Rabbi/Wedding Officiant before the final approval. We are not responsible for any mistakes found in the ketubah after the final approval made by the customer.

What is the difference between printing on paper or canvas?

Your ketubah will be professionally printed on high quality archival watercolor paper or on canvas. The choice depends on how you want it to look and how you plan on framing your ketubah. Watercolor paper is best suited if you wish to mat and frame your ketubah. It is museum quality paper and for longest life, it should be framed under UV-resistant glass. Canvas prints are best suited to be stretched on a wood frame and hung by an attached string. They can be framed too but because canvas is more sensitive to temperature and humidity, an open back is encouraged while framing. Paper will have a more "crisp" look and canvas has a slightly more natural look. Canvas is also easier to roll up and travel.

Will my printed ketubah look as good as an original?

Yes! They are so good that people often mistake the prints for originals. All of my ketubahs are professionally printed by an experienced printer here in Israel. I have gone to lengths to ensure the professional quality and VIVID colors of our prints. If you wish to have original custom artwork, see below.

Custom Ketubahs: I love your style but none of your templates speak to us, do you do custom ketubot?

Yes, I sure do! I frequently work with a couple's vision to create the perfect artwork for your marriage. I can incorporate places, things, quotes and concepts into a flowing design that hold special significance to you and your significant other. Additionally, I can make the text in a custom shape or have the text handwritten by a professional scribal artist. Please contact me to start this process. An original ketubah starts at $610 and could increase depending on the complexity of the design.

Shipping: How fast and how much does it cost?

After your final approval, you should expect to receive your ketubah within 2-4 weeks. Shipping within Israel is free! International orders are shipped via DHL expedited shipping (usually around a week) for our special price of $10

Rush Orders: Help! My wedding is coming up faster than I thought!

If your wedding is less than 5 weeks away, please email me to confirm that you can receive your ketubah in time, especially if you want personalization or custom text. Rush orders carry a charge of an extra $100.

What is a ketubah?

A ketubah is a marriage document used during a Jewish marriage. The hatan (groom) traditionally it to the kalah (bride) under the chuppah (marriage canopy). It outlines the main responsibilities that the spouse has for the other, mainly clothing, food and intimacy. Contemporarily, it allows serves as a declaration of vows for one another. The first known example of using art to beautify a ketubah dates back to the 1600's. Today, many couples choose to have their ketubah as the first meaningful art piece in their home, a memento and reminder of the eternal moment of love. ❤️❤️

I am having a non-traditional wedding, which text should I use?

The Humanistic texts shown can be adapted for non-traditional weddings. Feel free to submit your own custom texts! Search the web for ideas.

Vows, Home Blessings and Ketubah Remakes

I am delighted to insert your vows or blessings into one of my templates. Feel free to contact me if you would like a different print size to match your text. Many people also choose to get a ketubah remake if their original ketubah was lost or had no art. I can even insert the signatures if a picture is provided.