Be The Change You Want to See in the World

I came across something that resonated with me deeply:   “Some wait for Geulah (redemption).  We live it” - Rabbi Alon Rom

      This got me thinking…. What are we waiting for? Let's live it now!        We have just entered the month of Av. The first nine days are known to be an inauspicious time of deep mourning. Despite these negative forces, Av is also a time of profound spiritual transformation.   It is a time to reconnect to our true selves. Tisha B’Av (9thof Av) marks 1950 years since the destruction of the second temple (the Beit Hamikdash) in Jerusalem.  On a simple level, the Beit HaMikdash was the center of our Jewish spirit.  It was a symbol of our great connection with the almighty, and it was pure joy and song. 

We were given the opportunity to be unified with the highest light.

But we didn't yet have the vessels. Where are we today?  Our soul often experiences trauma because we don’t know how to process the pain of being separated from unity.  It has been so long since we had the Beit HaMikdash that it is difficult to grasp the pain we are "supposed to be feeling". Today we are given the chance to rebuild something that was broken.   How do we build a space in our physicality for G-ds light to rest?

How do YOU visualize your true self experiencing such a reality?? 

Well, let’s ask ourselves these questions …

  • Who is my authentic self?

  • Am I aligning with my soul's truth and nourishing my full potential? 

  • How am I treating others?  What is my contribution to this world?

I ask myself these questions almost every day because it is my way of seeking clarity…

So are you with me? No more waiting! Let’s do our part in BRINGING THIS GEULAH NOW!

But, come on… How do we actually do that? 

We must do the INNER WORK! Here are some ways we can do that: 

  1. Continue to search within and ask yourself these thought-provoking questions on a daily basis.

  2. Put more focus on being COMPASSIONATE and acting with LOVE instead of fear

  3. Forgive yourself.  Without compassion, true love does not exist. 

  4. Find YOUR TRUTH. Speak it from the heart, and LIVE it.

  5. Remember, we are in this TOGETHER and we all have a pure divine spark!

Most importantly, if there is only one thing to take with you, it should be this-  The entire Torah stands on ONE thing. 

ואהבת לראך כמוך״- LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN as you would LOVE YOURSELF"

~ LOVE is the key ingredient, ALWAYS. ~

                     Take this love from within and send it outwards.

AV is the zodiac sign of Arieh (Leo), the Lion.  It’s time to roar like a lion, go out and hunt the things that we desire most.  No more waiting around for things to happen.  Let's be go-getters and BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

  • It's time to set goals and do all that we can to achieve them.

  • It's time to take our passions and bring them out into this world because there will never be another one of you. 


Oh and yeah… About My ART

                    This is the latest painting I finished: Eishet Chayil   

As for MY JOURNEY- I finally launched the first two of the Weekly Inspiration Project. If you still don’t know about this project, CLICK HERE to learn more. In short, I am filled with passions and ideas that I believe will uplift the world in positive ways! And this is where The Weekly Inspiration comes in to play.  It is meant to unfold a unique story, week by week, of my authentic and spiritual journey inwards.  I am offering another opportunity for early access for those that don't check their email as often - CLICK HERE- to Join my WhatsApp Weekly Artspiration group, Don’t worry, I am the only one who is able to write messages in this group.

Once per week, you will receive a message from me, sharing that week's Inspiration.  (Every Tuesday, I share via email and WhatsApp) 

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