The Meaning of Love

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

If someone asked you what love is, would you be able to describe it?

People have been trying to explain the meaning of love since the beginning of time.

Love tells a story that goes far beyond words.

Love is a Feeling. Love is an experience. Love is a commitment.

Loving does not come easy to all people, some people struggle to do so, and even when it does come easy, all these other emotions tag along.

Is it true that sometimes you cannot stand the ones you love?

Yes, at times it is true.

But that's normal, there will be those times where you just want to throw a shoe. Without all these other emotions Love would not be Love.

So we can't really explain what love really is because its wrapped in so many emotions and experiences.

But What we do know about love is this:

Love is something that you must choose to actively work for.

Love is a choice. Love is respect. Love is commitment.


It means that despite all our flaws (and yes there will be a lot of them) we chose to see the radiance in the other person shine through because we actively focus on the good in that person.

Focusing on the good things that your partner does instead of focusing on what he or she does not do or is not capable of.

That is what it's about...

It is about helping each other grow to become the best that we can be, while at the same time accepting with patience who we really are.

**5 Pointers on how to keep your love going strong:

1- Listen as if you would have to give over a lesson on what your partner just said.

2- Write a little love note (even if its just a text), one little love note can change everything

3- When your partner walks in the door, greet him/her with a smile. Let them settle in before bombarding them with your thoughts or things that need to be done. This really sets the tone for the night.

4- Take the time to relax and spend time together- make a date night at least once a month.

5- Talk about your visions, values, goals and dreams for the future

If you could add a few things to the list? what would it be?

There are countless ....

On a deeper level, we have a universal love that connects us all.

What a beautiful reality.

It is important to never lose the light of that. Your whole perspective on the depth of love can change when you actively think about aligning and nourishing your true self.

When we nourish this sense of self, we naturally bring more love and respect into the world and noticeably into our homes.

Love breathes and flows within everything; it is a universal force that connects us all. If you make the effort to connect to such a deep reality of love, then you truly have the ability to grow more in love with your partner every day.

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