Bring inspiration and serenity into your home with this vibrant piece!


"Your True Colors" is a high-quality archival paper print to be framed.   Featured here are the small and medium sizes for immediate shipping.  Other sizes available on request.


Your print will ship for free worldwide.


The story behind the original painting:


I was working on another piece and experimenting with these new Peruvian pigment paints my friend brought back from Peru.  I had fear to go full force and make my mark on the commissioned piece, so I did a separate painting to test out the first strokes.  


The funny thing is, that my fear is what led me to create a piece that was free and full of expression.  


There was no plan or thought behind this piece, it was just a test that channeled my pure intuitive voice.


Ultimately this painting is about freedom and letting your true colors shine by way of expression.


"Your True Color" Abstract Painting High Quality Print