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Meet The Artist

Painting Shelby's ketubah
Working on my computer

I have always had a soft spot for love and relationships; it brings me so much joy to be able to create an art piece for you and your loved one.  A painted ketubah is more than a decorated marriage document, it is the first art piece together as a married couple, which has so much sentimental value to it.  There no reason why this document should be folded up in a drawer.  It deserves to be hanging on the wall reminding you every day of the commitment you made to your significant other.  I believe that this reminder is like a wedding picture that reignites your love every day when seeing it.  Bringing home your painted ketubah is like taking home those forever moments at your wedding. 

Take home a piece of your wedding. Make Your moment last forever! ❤️❤️❤️


My name is Avigail Sapir, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. 

I grew up as an active child, playing sports, writing poems, drawing, and painting. 


I graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012 before moving with my husband to fulfill our dream of living on the land of Israel.  Several years later, we moved to the mystical city of Tzfat for three years.  While living in Tzfat I underwent many spiritual transformations that translated into my art, and I began to develop my unique style.


Tzfat's atmosphere of spiritual Judaism inspired me to incorporate more Kabbalistic concepts into my art and delve deeper into what it means to be a Jewish painter.  There I began painting ketubahs as well; this has been a lifelong dream of mine.

I currently live in Moshav Bnei Re’em, Israel with my husband and 3 children where I am focusing on painting in my private studio.  As a family, we are very connected to nature and spend much of our time tending to our permaculture farm, Havat Iyar where we grow super greens and medicinal herbs. 

Click HERE to Visit my Etsy shop for an array of Judaica and visionary artworks, perfect gifts for all Jewish lifecycles.        

To follow my journey visit my Facebook and Instagram.

Me and my Partner
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